Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Ready

Getting ready for a performance, the first thing you do is put on your tabi, you know, the white split toe socks.
 After the tabi, and the change into kimono undergarments and a simple cotton kimono, you do the make up. Next is the kimono, then the wig, then the hands and arms (and sometimes legs) are painted white.

The make up table, showing some of the items and the beautiful wooden combs!
Y. almost ready for her wig.
Tying up her hem.
Tying her hem in place.
 This is a pretty heavy double layered kimono, and the hem gets tied up so that the line of the kimono isn't ruined from dragging around on the carpet, and it allows Y. to move more freely and sit easily.

Putting on a wig can be a 2 -3 person endeavor.
Touching up her lips.
A closer look at the hair ornaments.
This is what I wore.

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A :-) said...

Those hair ornaments are really pretty. Makes me wish I had more hair! Do they have special meanings? Or are they just beautiful :-)