Monday, February 6, 2012

This Blankie

About 3 years ago (right M.?), oh heck no, almost 5 years ago...

Here it is in progress...

wait I need to go sit down for a minute over that thought.

Bring me some smelling salts, please.

Oh dear.
Ahem. As I was saying, I knit this blankie for a dear friend who was expecting a baby girl and had just moved far away. I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted since I loved the colors and it is machine washable. This blankie has been used, and from what I hear loved, and still looks pretty good.

These guys look pretty happy, all tucked in, as this little person loves to tuck everyone in.
My friend posted this on Facebook, and it made me so happy!


Marcy said...

I makes me happy too. That was a hard time and that pink blanket kept us warm in many, many ways!

Marcy said...

And also, I just read this post to Bea. She said "IT'S WASHABLE???" and insisted on washing it today. Apparently she hasn't noticed that it has occasionally all of a sudden been cleaner.

Fujiyamamama said...

HA! I love it, and I love you M. and Bea, both!