Friday, January 4, 2013

A Little Late...

Every year I make Grandma Martha's gingerbread. When I was a child I had a babysitter who was very, very old - Grandma Martha. She used to bake gingerbread, and I LOVED it. Sometimes she would have a horse shaped cookie in the pocket of her calico apron (always neatly pinned to her dress) for me,
and when she would give me a cookie, it totally made my day. 
When I got older I asked her to share her recipe with me, and luckily she did. I made some changes, tripling the spices and icing them. I later inherited her cookie cutters - a horse and a chicken and a flower.
Cooking up the dough.
Rolling and cutting, making the most of every square inch!
Fresh out of the oven, smells like spice heaven!
I have to have lots of horses and chickens.
The big snowman is another favorite.
Icing completed!
It is just not Christmas if I don't make these cookies. A little late this year, but they are here. Every time I eat one I am filled with nostalgia, and yes, they still make my day.


Marcy said...

Oddly enough I had an actual grandma martha, but she wouldn't have been caught dead baking!
Those cookies look fantastic.

jpknits said...

Your decorating is LOVELY. Very traditional, very elegant.