Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hat Cast On

Honestly, a hat cast on is a big liar! You cast on, and look at the measly stitches and think, "there is no way in hell this will fit on an adult head, no way, nuh, uh!" You fret and worry, and think it's is just crazy. SO sometimes you rip it out, and re-do the cast on so that it looks like it will really fit an adult, and then you have to re-do it all anyhow for whatever reason. Sometimes though you just cross your fingers and hope that somehow it will relax and stretch and then you will have a lovely cast on that fits any normal sized adult head just beautifully.
This was one of the times I just didn't believe it, but kept going. I was dubious, especially since this is going to be slouchy in the end. It looked toddler sized...but I continued...and what do you know!

Seriously? Not adult sized, no way! Color is best in this photo.
Oh, okay. I see. Much better.
Relaxed and squishy and stretchy.
Pattern is the Belugah Slouch Hat, yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted in a one of a kind color from their fab mill sale. Needles size 6, and size 9 US.

Excuse me, did someone say something about a mystical element known as "gauge"?
Isn't that kind of like fairy tale stuff?

For those of you who actually swatch, move along, 
nothing to see here. 


Marcy said...

Swatch for a hat? A hat IS a swatch!! I do the same thing when casting on for socks. "There is no way this will fit!!"

Handmade by Stefanie said...

Too true....I can't think of a time I've ever swatched for a hat, though I have definitely gone through what you've described. Pretty color! One-of-a-kinds are always fun!

jpknits said...

Word. Word. Word.

Meanwhile, my hat swatching is a mystery.