Friday, January 18, 2013

Mystery Sock Still Mysterious

Spoiler Alert...if you've come this far, be warned!

I knit both of my cuffs in time, then Clue #2 for the leg clue came out. Holy cow, how many rounds?
...and then...
I got sick. A cold, the flu, I don't know.
No time, no energy, no ability to focus on charts.
Today was better, so I finished one leg AND heel, because, yes, Clue #3 came out before I had made enough progress on Clue #2.
Crummy photos, because I still feel cruddy and devoted my energy to knitting.

Lovely Lorna's Laces!

Like my fancy sock blocker/tube of hand lotion?

1 comment:

florapie said...

So there's a leaf on the heel flap? Pretty!