Monday, February 1, 2010

Here I go....

C#2 is due for a new handknit sweater. Yes, made by me.

C#2 is extraordinarily particular about his clothing.

After much discussion and perusal of patterns and colors, he chose this...

Dale of Norway, Team Norge 2002

I'm not afraid of colorwork, serious charts, or no, not even too fearful of steeks, but geez, this is a BIG project.

I cast on all 238 stitches for the ribbing in the main color, yes, black.

Wish me luck!


Marcy said...

Good Luck!!!
My #2 son doesn't get a sweater until he is ready to leave behind shorts and t-shirts on snowy days...maybe never.
You have a lucky son.

Woollycraft Wonders said...

Omg .....good luck!

A Crafty Lawyer said...

You're a fine mother to be willing to knit a sweater in black. I was thinking of offering to knit a sweater for my son recently, but then it occurred to me that he's 6 foot 4, and would probably ask for black or something close to it -- so I decided to just keep that thought to myself. Good luck! It'll be beautiful when it's done.