Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What was I Thinking?!

I was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog, and she talked about the Knitting Olympics, and I thought, "Yeah, that's a good idea! Have fun everyone, but count me out, I don't need another deadline knitting project."

Then she posts a photo of her Knitting Olympics project, a Dale of Norway Whistler sweater! Now, since I already have one Dale of Norway on the needles (and that will NOT be deadline knitting unless I learn to knit at the speed of the Harlot and assorted other speedy knitters!) I know there is no way that that could be a Knitting Olympic project, and I'd be disqualified for starting with a WIP.

I realized that I am really in need of some new sweaters, and I have the yarn stashed away for some, and I start thinking, and then before you know it I deluded myself into thinking that this might even be a possibility ...a Ribby Cardi! How perfect!

The yarn is some lovely Stonehedge Shepherds Wool in a lovely eggplant purple. This yarn is super soft and knits up beautifully.

...but still...

...how long are the Olympics?

What was I thinking?

Darn Harlot!!!

(I have 2 Harlot related posts in a row, I swear I'm not in the cult of the Harlot!)

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Brenda said...

Now you know you have to post updates!