Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Sock Club

I know you see that link there, and before you run off to Google, no, it's not an "official", purchasable sock club to join - it's even better and it helps you use what's already in your stash.
Yarn Harlot Sock Club

I thought it was brilliant! Of course I had to get together some patterns and yarn and put them together in a bag and now there are socks and patterns. Needles I will still have to hunt high and low for, but hopefully I will manage that without too much frantic searching. I might even end up with the often wished for drawer of hand knit socks to wear.

No, we will not speak of the fabulous Dye Dreams Sock Club I joined last year, only to have the yarn and patterns languish a good long time. Ahem. Nor will we mention the Mitten Club that I had to join this year, I just saw Beth Brown-Reinsel was designing a mitten, and I was powerless.

I did have an excuse for last year....kind of....maybe?

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Marcy said...

I like this idea! I want to do this with all the sweaters I have planned.