Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Annemor's Mitten Class

Have I gushed enough about Annemor Sundbo?

This is from our Selbu mitten class. We had a couple of options, we could follow the pattern she gave us for a lovely Nordic Star mitten, or we could copy a motif or a variety of patterns following Norwegian "rules" to make our own mitten. The choices were overwhelming, and I had to think a good long time about what I wanted to make, then I thought, "well, if it's too small the kids can have them..." then common sense took over and I realized white mittens? kids? NO! and I decided that they should be mine!

Samples and motifs

Mine is bright blue & white, next to the bright red mitten.

I couldn't decide, so I'd knit, look around, knit, talk, take a photo, knit. I was not at all productive. I was so indecisive, I couldn't quite decide what to knit.
So, I frogged. I have found a cuff I like, but I'm still not sure on the motif.
Oh, well.

Here's a photo of me at the embroidery class, slouching in the chair, but at least I was being productive that day!

photo courtesy of L.Lutz of the WCKG

No, I did not knit that sweater, it's from L.L. Bean, knit in China.

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Marcy said...

You look great! I love the pile of mittens.