Friday, March 5, 2010

Classes with Annemor Sundbo

I took some classes this weekend with Annemor Sundbo, author of Everyday Knitting, one of my absolute favorite books on knitting. Her story is fascinating, and she singlehandedly preserved a great deal of Norway's knitting culture and history. She bought a rag factory, and rather than shredding the old sweaters that had been brought to the mill, she realized the value of all these garments that someone had made and charted many of the designs and saved many, many specimens. Click on the link to her website, and make sure you click on the Ragpile tab to see some of what she has saved.

It was a thrill to be in her class. The very first time I saw Everyday Knitting I couldn't buy it fast enough...especially once I saw the charts of different reindeer, squirrels, birds and dogs towards the back of the book. Annemor put the designs into her knitting machine and knit up a lovely sample of the collection of designs. I was in heaven when I had the opportunity to see it in person and to handle some of the wonderful knitted items she brought.

Can you tell I'm a fan of Nordic knitting?

The first class was for embroidery for Setesdal sweater yokes. It looks absolutely intimidating!

This is L.'s very lovely piece, we have very similar patterns.

It was broken down perfectly, and even though I was not able to finish, I got the basics and made something that actually looks okay!

Ollie is my spokesmodel.

The main problem with this?

Now I need to knit myself a Setesdal sweater!

Psst...there's an example of a Setesdal sweater on the cover of Everyday Treasures.


Batty said...

What a cute spokesmodel!

randi K design said...

I look forward to see your Setesdal sweater!!