Friday, March 19, 2010

Are you kidding me?

This sock. I knit this sock for D. and his most ungracious response was "What will I wear them with?" Needless to say it sat unfinished and unmatched as I plotted a way to integrate the word "ingrate" into them. Purl bumps weren't obvious enough, and I thought turquoise intarsia might do the trick.
Well, I started the second sock, and lo and behold I had an immensely different shade and variegation in the second skein, so now...yep, I've got to rip the first sock out anyhow. Oh, well, it is just knitting.

I told D. that I was going to have to frog, and thought he might look to have some input into what he'd like, if he intended to wear them...and this is kind of what he wanted, something similar to Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' Caspian Sea Socks. Our dear friend S. who used to live next door had some amazing socks his mother made for him (one day I will have to photograph them, they are truly awesome), and D. remembered those and wanted a pair of socks like that, the closest I found were the Caspian Sea socks.

Well then he said no, and thought he might something like Latvian Wedding Socks.
Maybe, he couldn't decide, but things were looking pretty wild there...

I thought to myself, Huh? but you ask what you'd wear brown socks with?

We discussed the socks more and he said he wanted socks like C#2's Mint Chip socks, with the stripes and different colors.

So we dug through my stash, and this is what he's getting:

Mini Mochi, and Dye Dreams sock yarn

Whatever. He doesn't know how lucky he is, does he?


Marcy said...

Those are going to be fantastic!

Woollycraft Wonders said...

He most certainly does not!!! But then they rarely do! lol.