Friday, August 27, 2010

Goodies from the Michigan FIber Fest

Here it is. This is all the stuff I bought at the Michigan Fiber Fest.

Details? Okay, here we go.
After staring at this at Midwest Fiber & Folk, I knew I had to buy this! I saw the Fold right away and even though I would have preferred the midweight, they only had lightweight and I had to have it immediately!

Socks That Rock, color Boobie 2

I saw the knitted samples for these and thought they were very cool, after D. so thoughtfully pointed out this lovely yarn.

Gypsy Girl Creations

Ollie was feeling a bit neglected and thought the photos would benefit from his presence...this is a lovely yarn that had a wonderful color selection and I think will use these for Norwegian style stranded mittens...we'll see. I can't remember whose yarn this is, and I'm too tired to look it up now.

Soap, I love a nice smelly soap! Natural fragrances only though.

No details, but I also got some alpaca socks to send to Mama and Papa Y. in Japan, and a felt dryer ball.

I didn't go wild, but I feel like I got some very nice yarn that I will definitely use.

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