Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Mittens. I love to make them. Smaller than socks, small charts, no heel agony, just a little thumb to fiddle with and that's it!

Okay, the most dangerous thing is making 2 right or 2 left mittens, but other than that mittens are pretty simple and quick! Well, and the occasional miscrossed cable, but we won't discuss that at all.

These lovelies just flew off the needles, the chart was great and the palm was plain stockinette, and the yarn...oh this yarn was soft and springy and wonderful to knit!!!

They are the Celtic Frost mittens from the Dye Dreams Mitten Club, I forget which month/season. The cabling on the back of the mitten is great, but the top decreases looked a bit awkward to me so I made changes - and presto what do you know - I made them even wonkier. Just smile and pretend not to notice, you know, if you don't have anything nice to say...whatever. I still like them very much.

This is C#1's idea for the photo, and I do like it!
He was fairly patient to model, but he had
some gaming to get to so the photos were a bit rushed

In case you were wondering, nope they are not for me!

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Marcy said...

I love mittens and I love these! Nice Job!