Friday, August 20, 2010

Performance Time Again

Performance time again. Here's A. all dressed and ready for her wig. She did a male role, and so the kimono and wig are not as elaborate as the female wigs and kimono.

I liked the color combinations of her kimono and obi and accessories.

Here is Sensei finishing up with the wig.

I should have taken a photo of the back. It's a very nice wig. They are made of human hair and have a special waxy pomade to keep them styled and glossy. Wig making is a very secretive art.

Y. got her natori (professional name) in from the headmaster in Japan a few years ago. She's a wonderful dancer, and so very deserving of the honor.

M. getting her wig adjusted. She is very particular about how things look and fit, and she is always right. She's another great dancer, and a great friend who makes me laugh.

Closer showing the hair ornaments and collars. Unfortunately, the flash picked up the white makeup on the wigs.

Here is her obi. That kimono weighed a ton! The embroidery gets very heavy.

Here is I. putting white makeup on S.'s arms and hands. you can't have a white face and then brown arms and hands, it just wouldn't look right. I. has performed at the National Theatre in Japan, and has her natori and is also a shihan (teacher) . She had to take a dance test in Japan in front of the headmaster, and she and another dancer from our school were some of the only ones to pass that day. She didn't dance this summer, but 2 of her 4 boys did. Yes, 4 boys. Triplets + 1!!!!

They were so incredibly patient and totally adorable!

Pretty awesome for a 7yr.old and an 8yr. old!

All dressed and ready to go! (This was the second performance - different costumes and wigs)

No, I don't dance anymore. I just help out wherever necessary, and especially help with dressing everybody. I love to do that. Yes, I wore a kimono, too. As a helper I'm supposed to wear all black, which I don't have, so I wore the darkest most appropriate stuff I owned.

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A :-) said...

Wow! Everyone looks awesome - are the performances public? I would love to see one sometime.