Monday, August 9, 2010

How Did That Happen?

My knitting mojo seems to have returned. With it comes the desire to knit lots of items for people that matter. You know that warm and generous thought about what you would love to knit for someone that they would love or appreciate in return? Okay. I know, stop laughing. Really. You can stop rolling on the floor cackling now....

Seriously, you know what I mean. Right? You make the mental list in your head, of what you'll make for so and so and think about patterns and yarns and washability and so on...

Then all of a sudden your list is huge, but you're still moving at a glacier's pace.

These are people I really want to knit for, more than that...I would love to knit for to show my appreciation and love.

S. - because she has been one of the best things in our lives for the last couple of years.
She's getting some Snapdragon flip-top mittens designed by Ysolda Teague.

P. - because he has been there with S.
He's getting a One Row scarf designed by the Yarn Harlot. No, are you nuts, I am not spinning the yarn for it!

J. - something small because she has been there for a while, too.
Some Voodoo wrist warmers will be just the right thing.

The rest are top secret projects:

MM. - because he's a part of my family that appeared out of nowhere for me and is really family in every sense.
JM. - same, and he's got 4 kids to knit for!

and S. - who has been there for me during various crises, and who has such an incredible amount of wisdom she is truly inspiring. Okay, her project isn't truly top secret, I'm still bouncing ideas around in my brain.

Oh, I am in so much trouble!

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A :-) said...

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! But so far the projects seem manageable . . . now I'm thinking about my own list ====:-O