Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Michigan FIber Fest

My alarm went off early in the morning to get on the bus to the Michigan Fiber Fest. I hit snooze a few times and then finally dragged myself out of bed - a real bed! (We got to re-assemble our bed and actually sleep in a bed instead of a random sofa or child's bed.) The point is I slept like a log and couldn't get up on time.

I figured I'd better print out directions just in case, so as I was at the computer I noticed the time was 6:30am. Now I know there are many things that my computer lies about, but sadly time is not one of them. Yep. I was officially late! I hustled around and got to the pick up right at 7:00am - the time our bus was supposed to leave. There was last minute fussing and packing, etc. and we were off!

Did I take a photo of the bus, or the happy bus riders? Ahem, moving on...I sat in the front seat and tried to knit - but I was being the navigator for our bus driver Walter who told me - repeatedly, that my next car should be a Subaru Outback.

Upon our arrival at the Michigan Fiber Fest, we had a great lunch provided by J. It was awesome, and the timing was perfect! Here we are at lunch. If I caught you with a mouth full or a potato chip hanging out of your mouth, please accept my apologies!

The other end of the table...

From there E. & I had some shopping to do! We were pleased to see the Fold, and the Blue Moon Blue Faced Leicester had me swooning, but I resisted. I haven't photographed my purchases yet, maybe tomorrow. After we shopped, we had to go see the critters - look at these cute angora bunnies! They were being judged at the time.

Those guys were squirmy, and ready for action!

This guy was my favorite - he looked like such a little muppet creation! Jim Henson must've been inspired by bunnies like these! So very cute!

Sheep judging. They were pretty talkative sheep.

I neglected photos of the noisy kid goats being judged...but look! It's the baby alpaca with it's mommy!

He was tired of being photographed, so you just get to see the 'tocks.

A sheep looking for a chin scratch.

...and A. fan and purchases in hand, ready for the trip home.

Yep, I sat with Walter on the way home, too. He enjoyed the fest, too. He bought some mittens and socks - once I explained to him that the fiber was as in wool - not fiber optics he was somewhat interested.

Yep, he told me to buy a Subaru Outback on the way home, too.

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